Here are some resources that will help you obtain your CPA license.

For accountants preparing for CPA exam

If you are considering sitting for the CPA exam, I strongly encourage you to first read Get Motivated, You Can Pass the CPA Exam by Debra Hopkins. She provides incredible insight and guidance to help you reach your goal of becoming a CPA. Debra esentially explains what you can expect almost every step of the way. She provides exam strategies for preparing and sitting for each of the four sections. She also discusses the main reasons why the pass rate for a first time test taker is so low and how you can overcome the odds and pass the first time. This is a must read if you want to become a CPA.

Keep in mind that the November 2003 CPA exam was the last paper and pencil CPA exam. In the future, the exam will be computerized. Even though some of the information in this book (the 2000 edition) is no longer applicable because of the change, I still recommend this book. Also, I believe that a newer edition of this book will be released in the near future.
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I also strongly recommend that you take a Becker Conviser CPA exam review class. I took a 14-week Becker Conviser course in Austin, Texas in 2003 because it was highly recommended to me. I understand now why Becker Conviser is so highly regarded. I was so impressed with the Becker Conviser instruction and accounting material that I also took the Becker Conviser four-day exam cram class in San Antonio Texas. I am very proud to say that I successfully completed all four sections of the November 2003 CPA exam on my first attempt. Becker Conviser helped me accomplish my goal of passing the CPA exam! For more information about Becker Conviser, click here.

For small business owners

Check to see if your accountant has a Texas CPA license.

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